Empowering businesses to shine online and authentically connect with the People they love to serve. 

HI, I'm Sara

I’m an intentional content marketer and former educator who’s always teaching—I ensure business owners stand out online by helping them tell their unique stories, and share generous content that serves their audience. 

A city girl with lake life dreams, a lifelong educator, and mom of two boys—I turned my side-hustle, a green living blog, into a thriving business where I strategize and manage social media and content marketing to help cool business owners who do good in the world, reach their goals and get the life they crave.

Educator. Strategist. Storyteller.

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in hot pursuit of joy

how it all started

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Empowering businesses to shine online and authentically connect with the People they love to serve. 

Ready to seriously shine online?

Mad-lib style exercises to learn the ins and outs of telling your unique story online plus my secret stash of Instagram Story templates. 

free guide to Telling your brand stories! 

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Ready to seriously shine online?

Learn the ins and outs of sharing your unique stories online with fun mad-lib style exercises plus my secret stash of Instagram Story Templates perfect for letting your audience get to know you—without feeling like you're bragging!

Free guide to telling your brand stories 

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Sweet words from sweet clients 

Since working with Sara on my social media plan, I've had an increase in followers and engagement on social media and I feel clearer about my brand and messaging. 

Allison, Founder of Sweetpea Nutrition

"I have the confidence to actually implement the strategies we created."

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