Hey, I'm Sara

 I've always been an educator—I was the little girl lining up her dolls to teach them—becoming a teacher was a natural choice. And I loved it. 

So, it wasn't a surprise that upon deciding to cloth diaper my youngest son, and realizing how much information there was to navigate that I began teaching cloth diapering workshops to other moms who wanted the process simplified. Like me, these moms wanted easy-to-understand, trustworthy information on green living, so my blog, Green Moms Collective was born. This is where I fell in love with content marketing. 

My blog was a side-hustle, where I worked with brands and businesses around North America, to manage their influencer campaigns, host twitter parties, write content, and eventually began running their social media—taking beautiful flatlays and writing content that captured their audiences.

The decision to blog became the vehicle for my six-figure business.

Most days, you'll find me behind the computer screen, sipping a hot drink and serving up intentional marketing strategies, strategizing social media plans, and crafting content for my cool clients. When I'm not hanging out online, I'm with my two boys and Realtor, hubby, cozying up for movies and game night or relaxing with a green beauty face mask and a good book. 

Educator. Strategist. Storyteller.

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I believe your business makes the world a better place-and that your small business marketing can be authentic, generous, and infused with joy!

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